Trask & Roth’s Vision

Tempe, AZ

(408) 921-5391

Trask & Roth Enterprises bring engineers, scientists, physicians, and manufacturing all under the same roof to ensure the development of the highest quality products in the United States. 

Trask & Roth Enterprises believes in bringing community partners and innovators together for the betterment of our communities. We are bridging the gap between engineers, manufacturers, and clinicians. 

Trask & Roth Enterprises is devoted to giving back to our communities by donating medical tests, equipment, and PPE to those in need. For every product sold one will be donated.

Trask & Roth Q & A

Why do you want to manufacture in the United States?

Throughout the years, every member involved with Trask & Roth have been let down by foreign suppliers. The 2020 SARS CoV-2 pandemic shed a bright light on just how dependent we are on foreign manufacturing for our medical equipment. Physicians and medical centers across the United States have suffered from poorly made medical equipment and unbearable price gouging. Trask & Roth aim to stop the price gouging and bring down the cost of medical supplies in the United States.   

Who do you plan on donating supplies to?

Trask & Roth will donate supplies to ANY company, community, or persons in need. Monies will only be donated directly to Non-Profit Organizations for local, state, federal, and international needs.

Why are you donating monies to Non-Profit Organizations?

Trask & Roth Enterprises was founded on the principles of service, donation, and the betterment of humankind. The founders of Trask & Roth are currently involved with various charities and Non-Profit Organizations across the world.