About Our Company

Trask & Roth was founded by Medical Engineers and Contract Manufacturing Executives with over 80 years of combined industry experience and a drive to the highest Medical Manufacturing quality standards, continuous improvement, and customer focus. 

Trask & Roth currently occupy over 18,000 sq. ft. in a facility headquartered in Tempe, Arizona with multiple fully automated production lines. Trask & Roth has a strong and growing customer base in the medical industry and the capacity for significant additional manufacturing in the PPE sector.

Trask & Roth provide Medical Research and Manufacturing services for PPE, the Durable and Soft Medical Device Industry, Aerospace, and Military Industries.

Trask & Roth specialize in Quick-Turn Proto Type, New Product Introduction, Medium to High Volume Production. Our advanced ERP System allows us to easily handle consignment and full turnkey production for any project. 


Quality Policy 

Trask & Roth is committed to providing high-quality medical product research and manufacturing services that exceed expectations of our customers. 

Our policy is achieved through continuous improvement by implementing programs that enable each employee to do their job efficiently and correctly. 


To achieve our Quality Goals there has to be a system to make sure things get done correctly the first time. Trask & Roth is proud to announce that on February 21, 2017, we were certified by SRI to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. 

This is not a stopping point for Task & Roth but an ongoing improvement to attain all certifications needed to grow our business and our customer base. The achievement of this milestone is an indicator of Trash & Roth’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement of policies and procedures. As we improve so will our ability to deliver more value to our partners and clients. 



  • New 2019 Hanwha/Samsung line HM520
  • New 2019 ESE 2000x stencil printer
  • 9 SMT Machines
  • 4 SMT Lines
  • 01005 Passive Device
  • BGA & Micro BGA placement
Thru-Hole Assembly

Wave Solder

Inline Chemistry Wash
  • With integrated DI Water System
AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) 
Inventory Management System 
  • Segregated materials management system
  • Off-line job set up and Quality check
  • Supplier qualification and tracking
  • Receiving inspection and MRP process
Electronics Assembly Stations 
  • 60 individual stations for hand soldering, assembly, programming, inspection, and testing.
  • RoHS and Leaded stations separated to ensure no cross-contamination.
  • Server based digital work instructions at assembly work stations.
  • Dedicated station for chip programming boards and system-level testing.
Cable Harnessing
  • Tooling crib for cable harnessing
  • Tools identified for each job
  • Cable, pins, tubing kitted at one time.
  • Tooling to kit tracking.
  • Harness layout and design
  • SMT Assembly
  • High Volume
  • High-Density Boards IPC-Trained Hand Soldering IPC Circuit Board Testing
  • Cable and Cable Harnessing Mechanical Assembly and Test Control Panels
  • Electro-Mechanical Assemblies Conformal Coating
DEK Screen Printers 
  • Fully Automated screen printing
  • Applies solder paste to PCB Panels
  • Automated 2-D Solder inspection on every panel
Phillips Topaz, Orion, Sapphire, and Emerald
Pick and Place 
  • 64000+ placements per hour
  • Down to 0201 component placement (passive, BGA, down to
    .3mm ball micro-BGA, QFN, SON, LGA)
  • High precision placement for large and complex parts
  • Off-line set-up and programming for an extremely fast line change
Electrovert, Heller, and ERSA Reflow Ovens
  • 5 zone, 7 zone, and 10 zone ovens for proper reflow
  • RoHS or Lead solder
  • Multi-Layer single or double-sided boards
  • Dense packed designs
  • Engineering DFM assistance
Let us help you with our Manufacturing Expertise 
Additional Operations
Conformal Coating Chemistry 
  • Acrylic
  • Urethane
  • Silicone
  • Plasti-Dip
    Medical/Aerospace/Consumer Electronics/Automotive 
Cable Assembly & Cable Harnessing 
  • Trask And Roth use IPC-620 guidelines to meet our customer assembly and harnessing needs. 
  • Specific Tooling
  • Automated Cutting and stripping
  • Crimping Inspection 100%
  • 100% quality inspection on every cable

Send us your challenging jobs and the Trask And Roth team will get them done. 

You are Invited

Quick-turn, Prototype, Small, Medium, High, Volume Production our highly capable assembly operations is designed to exceed your expectations. 

The heart and soul of Trask & Roth’s assembly operation is our people. Your assemblies are in the hands of the most motivated and talented group of technicians available. 

You will not find a team of people who take more pride in their work than the team at Zenem and Trask & Roth. 

We invite you to come tour our 18,000 sq. ft. facility in Tempe, Arizona… The Grand Canyon State.


Trask & Roth

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